2016 January 6

From a fridge that buys groceries to a games controller for your feet: Gadgets battle it out at CES ahead of official opening

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A controller that allows you to ‘walk’ in virtual reality

A device that transforms your feet into a games controller was unveiled on Monday by 3D Rudder.

It is a feet-based VR motion controller that you use while seated. Putting pressure on different parts of the device lets you walk in any direction, and even jump or fly.

‘Basically you’re free to fly in virtual reality,’ founder Stanislas Chesnais told DailyMail.com. ‘it’s very much like the experience you have in real life…it’s super accurate.’

‘With the 3D Rudder you don’t think, your feet take you there like in real-life. The experience becomes very immersive.

The control is available for €175 and will start shipping in March 2016.

Also likely to be popular are the many virtual reality headsets on show. HTC has used CES to announce a new version of the Vive headset – Vive Pre – complete with a front-facing camera.

Samsung’s Gear VR, the first to go on sale to the mass market, is also likely to be popular.

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