Enhance your gameplay, get more capabilities with the 3dRudder

Star Citizen


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  • PC
  • Simulation
  • Tir
  • Jeu standard
  • Multi joueurs

The uncategorizable, rich, and complex, Star Citizen calls upon a larger set of peripherals than other games. Next to an HOTAS, the 3dRudder brings its versatility to the game, adding new capabilities and providing more control to the players: more precise landing, additional maneuvers when flying, natural locomotion when in FPS mode, and whatever combinations you come up with. The 3dRudder raises the Star Citizen experience to a whole new level.

Now, think about all the stuff you could do if you had 2 hands AND 2 feet. That’s what the 3dRudder offers: empowering your feet to enhance your capabilities. With up to 8 key bindings, the 3dRudder opens up a whole new world of possibilities, especially when it comes to moving your avatar or piloting your ship. The 3dRudder can be used either to control movement, the way you’d move with an overboard that could also move up and down (4 axes), or to control the altitude to fly a spaceship.

In combination with your existing HOTAS, you can assign strafe and other commands to the 3dRudder for delicate maneuvers like landing. Moreover, the 3dRudder is a progressive device: the more you tilt it the faster you go. It’s also incredibly precise.

Or you can use the 3dRudder to aim the gimbaled weapons. Or move flying to your feet and use your existing HOTAS for the gimbaled.
And you’ll probably come up with your own combinations. Possibilities are endless.
For the FPS part of the game, you can use the keyboard mode of the 3dRudder and move WASD to your feet, for a much more natural experience.

How to play Star Citizen with the 3dRudder

Native support of the 3dRudderNo
3dRudder ModeJoystick (HOTAS) mode
How to get started? (option 1-flight)Dashboard-> Games -> Monitor -> Star Citizen (HOTAS)
How to get started? (option 2-flight)Dashboard-> Joystick-> HOTAS-> Map controls
tnHow to get started? (option 3-FPS)Dashboard-> Keyboard-> Map up to 8 keys

Configurate your 3dRudder to play Star Citizen

You want to know what kind of incredible configurations you can create to play Star Citizen with the 3drudder? Check the table below, or download it here.