Solve puzzles in a breathtaking game with 3dRudder

Red Matter


Type de jeu



  • PlayStation VR
  • Exploration
  • Puzzle
  • Jeu VR
  • Un joueur

Red Matter is an atmospheric puzzle game that takes you to misterious, Sci-Fi adventure on the Saturn’s moon. The environment is insiped by USSR and the atmosphere of cold war, and the graphics are breathtaking, you can feel fully immersed in every location, as everything feels natural, while you are exploring surroundings and solving puzzles.

The 3dRudder helps you to with solving puzzles and enjoying the view, without thinking about need to teleport: all the movements are now done with your feet; hands are used only to operate in-game tools for finding solution for each and every problem. In addition, it comes with nice advantage: you can now rotate freely, thus changing direction is becoming more pleasant task, as it happens very naturaly.

How to play Red Matter with the 3dRudder

VR headsetPlaystation VR
Game downloadPlaystation Storen
Native support of the 3dRuddertYES
Combination to playn3dRudder+ PS Move
How to get started Plug & Play