Serious Sam VR

Keep both hands for shooting thanks to the 3dRudder

Croteam and Devolver Digital released a VR version of three of the most successful games in the Serious Sam series : THE, TSE and BFE. These games were already great, but they take the player to a whole new level in VR. Shooting all kinds of monsters with big, big BIG guns that make you feel you are the absolute Alpha male must bring satisfaction to most FPS fans. With the 3dRudder, it couldn’t be more true.

Without the 3dRudder

The Serious Sam VR games (The First Encounter, The Last Encounter, and BFE) allow you to play with free locomotion in virtual reality. Locomotion is, of course, managed with the hand controllers: you use the left touchpad to move around, and the right one to rotate. We must say you can then go pretty much in any direction you want. Things start getting tricky when you are granted the supreme honor of a gun for each hand. Question is: how will you shoot each gun, and keep mobile enough to run for an attack, or (yes, it happens) need to retreat to dodge blows when everything lies in your hands? Well, we at 3dRudder have a pretty good solution...

With the 3dRudder

Using the 3dRudder as a VR motion controller for Serious Sam VR will make you feel like you're granted superpowers. With the 3dRudder your feet become a key asset: while they make you move in the game, your hands are freed up from motion management, and can focus on firepower. Yes, you can run for an attack, turn around to keep track of your enemies, step sideways to dodge blows, AND shoot with both hands all at the same time. Here is how it works: you're seated at your desk or couch (please don't even mention it's not immersive, you can move so much better and quicker, you'll surprise yourself!), feet resting on the 3dRudder. Tilt the 3dRudder forward to move forward, left to go left, pivot it to turn, and so on. The 3dRudder is a progressive device: the more you tilt it, the quicker you go. Obviously you combine the 3dRudder with the hand controllers, and that's how you become the most dangerous of all!

How to set it up?

To play with HTC Vive or Windows Mixed Reality headset:

1- Open Steam VR and launch the game Serious Sam VR (TFE, TSE, or BFE)
2- In the 3dRudder Dashboard, select Serious Sam VR TFE in the games tab, then click Activate. This sends the parameters to the 3dRudder.
3- Just in case, make sure the games settings shown in the 3dRudder dashboard match the games' (left/right and forward/backward assigned to the left hand controller, and rotation to the right controller)
4- Bring your VR headset at eye level, and click Calibration in the 3dRudder Dashboard.

Serious Sam 3dRudder settings

The 3dRudder is now enabled as a motion controller for Serious Sam VR.

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