From other suns

Enjoy full locomotion and smooth rotation in this VR space game

From other suns is one of those VR games you can play for hours... and days. You're the captain of a ship that's been thrown to the far space and your mission is to crack a code to get back to earth as fast as possible. You fail, you die, and start the mission all over again. The game is fun to play seated with the 3dRudder foot-powered VR motion controller with full locomotion and smooth rotation.

Without the 3dRudder

What's fun with From Other Suns, is that you have a mission that seems simple enough: crack a code and get your ship (and crew members if you're after companionship) back to earth as fast as possible. Thing is, you fail = you die = you need to start all over again (except for a few key details). Turns out it takes more than one try to achieve the mission, and that's the good news! Motion wise, Gunfire Games did a real good job and the game supports several locomotion solutions.

With the 3dRudder

We played From Other Suns with the 3dRudder VR controller in multiplayer mode and it was awesomely fun. From Other Suns offers the possibility to play standing or seated. Not that it matters: the 3dRudder allows free VR locomotion in games, even those designed to be played standing at room-scale. But we kind of saw a sign! So if you want to play seated, it's a no-brainer: it's much easier to move around in the game when you have the 3dRudder. You just need to select the appropriate settings in the game (see next section), put your feet on the 3dRudder and tilt the device in the direction you want to go in the game. And your hands are freed-up for grabbing objects, shooting guns, and whatever else you need to do. Smooth and easy!

How to set it up?

From Other Suns VR is an Oculus-only experience. Here are the settings to play From Other Suns VR with the 3dRudder motion controller:
1- Launch the game in the Oculus Store
2- Make sure to select the following settings:
* movement mode: seated
* turning mode: smooth
* turning rate: 90
3- Open the 3dRudder's dashboard. In the games tab, select 'From Other Suns' in the Oculus list and click 'Activate game settings'. This will send the parameters to the 3dRudder

Sit down, put your feet on the 3dRudder, grab your Oculus Rift and the Touch controllers. You're ready to play!

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