the revolutionary motion controller born for VR

« Your feet, naturally will know where you want to go, thus freeing up hand movements for more important things. »

« No teleportation. Move naturally where you want to go to and enjoy a fluid immersion experience »

Discover the ultimate power of your feet in VR !

Become a superhero

The 3dRudder is a controller designed for an enhanced VR experience. With no constraint of space, no physical strain, no complicated set-up, you can fully enjoy how wide VR is. So just sit down, put your VR headset on and let your feet make you feel like a superhero, taking you to a more thrilling reality.

Experience free locomotion

Use the 4 axes of the 3dRudder to move wherever you want to in VR. Move forward/backward, strafe left/right, rotate, or use our special feature: the up & down movement. Forget teleportation or room-scale limits. Move freely: Unleash your VR experience.

Empower your hands

The 3dRudder is a foot motion controller. While your feet control your movements, your hands are free to grab, catch, push, shoot… with nothing else to concentrate on than your gaming experience. Your VR experience is more immersive and more natural.

Play for longer period of times

The 3dRudder is a controller used seated. While some might think it’s counter intuitive to experience VR in a chair, once your headset is on and you start moving in VR, you immediately forget you’re not standing. It even becomes surprisingly irrelevant. You’re in control. And since moving with the feet is deeply wired in your brain -not superficially like for your hands, forcing you to spend energy thinking your movement with sticks or teleportation-, it becomes seconds nature. You can play for a longer period of times without fatigue.


It takes less than 1 minute to master the controls of your 3dRudder

Room saver

No physical boundaries. Enjoy VR seated and play even in tiny rooms


Control precisely your motion speed by tilting more or less the 3dRudder


Discover the benefits of 4 axes at your feet to take you deeper into your VR experience

Get started in less than 5 minutes

Sit down comfortably

Plug your 3dRudder to your PC

Choose your settings

Put your VR headset on



ComputerPC – Desktop, Laptop
OSWindows 10
PowerUSB (2 meter cable)
Commands enabledForward/backward – Left/right – Rotate left/right – Up/down

Supported VR Headsets

HTC Vive

Oculus Rift

The 3dRudder is fully compatible with the HTC Vive VR headset and the hand controlers, and with titles purchased on the Steam VR store. To play a VR game with the 3dRudder and the HTC Vive, you just need to use the 3dRudder’s dashboard, and select games configuration in the Games tab or click on the ‘VR Unleashed for HTC Vive’ tab.
The 3dRudder is fully compatible with the Oculus Rift and the Touch controlers, and with titles purchased on the Oculus store. To play a VR game with the 3dRudder and the Oculus Rift, you need to download 3dRudder’s ‘VR Unleashed mode for the Oculus’. Click here to access the tutorial. It takes only a few minutes to get started.

How to play VR with the 3dRudder

3dRudder Dashboard: the user-friendly tool

To play the vast majority of VR games, the 3dRudder Dashboard is the place to start. It offers several functionalities to adapt to each specific gameplay.

Games configurations: the quickest way
Within the ‘Games’ thumbnail, find a selection of VR game profiles with preconfigured settings for your 3dRudder. Click to send the configurations to your 3dRudder and play!

VR Unleashed mode: dedicated to HTC Vive
This thumbnail includes customizable settings to play any HTC Vive game bought on Steam VR. Click to activate your configuration and play!

Joystick/Hotas or Keyboard mode: for traditional PC games with VR upgrades
For VR games that use traditional peripheral as motion controllers, you just need to activate your 3dRudder as a Keyboard (Narcosis), or as a Joystick (DCS), or as a HOTAS (Elite Dangerous)… to start playing VR with your 3dRudder.

Oculus: download the ‘VR Unleashed mode for Oculus’

This mode is a stand-alone application available for free on Github. Watch the video to understand how easy it is to install.

VR Unleashed mode for Oculus
We developed this mode to allow you enjoy your Oculus titles with the 3dRudder. Downloading and installation take only a few minutes. Click here to see our tutorial.

Modding games: add the 3dRudder mod directly into the game

For games that allow modding, you just need to add the 3dRudder Mod to your game settings.

Robo Recall: try the 3dRudder locomotion mod
When Robo Recall was released, we developed a dedicated mod so as to integrate the 3dRudder directly into the game. Read our Robo Recall page to know more about the game and install the 3dRudder locomotion mod. Click here to see our tutorial

Frequently asked questions

Is the 3dRudder compatible with any VR game?

Yes, the 3dRudder is compatible with any title purchased on the Steam VR store and the Oculus store. Flying games -such as Aircar VR for Oculus– are great to play with the 3dRudder, as well as games that imply lots of motion, such as Arizona Sunshine or The VR Museum of Fine Arts.

Does it work with games designed to be played at roomscale?

Yes it does. The 3dRudder enables 4 axes that offer 360° of free locomotion, including the up-and-down motion, which is quite a unique feature. With simple movements of your feet on the board, you can walk, run, turn around, …and combine axes: very useful when you need to get out of tricky situations. And as ou play seated, you can play longer.

How do I set up the 3dRudder?

It’s very easy. We provide a free software, the 3dRudder’s dashboard, to operate your 3dRudder and proceed to the latest updates. If you own an HTC Vive, you just need to select the Games tab (with preconfigured settings for various VR games) or use the ‘VR Unleashed’ tab. If you own an Oculus, you will need to download the ‘VR Unleashed mode for Oculus’. It’s very easy to install. Click here to see the video.

Can I combine the 3dRudder with the hand controlers?

Absolutely. That’s why the 3dRudder is so convenient to use. Free locomotion will be triggered by your feet on the 3dRudder and your hands will be free to use the hand controlers to shoot, grab, pull, … You’ll be able to do more in your VR games.

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