The Foot-Powered Motion Controller For Everyone, Every Use, Everyday

One of the great benefits of the 3dRudder is its versatility and the ability for users to configure their device with a single click, using the 3dRudder Dashboard available from the Start page.

From using the 3dRudder as a joystick (standard mode), a foot-operated Mouse, emulating a Keyboard, a Gamepad, a VR controller, playing popular games right out of the box… it is all possible with the 3dRudder. Best of all, the 3dRudder can be used in conjunction with your existing keyboard, mouse, gamepad, or as a single controller, depending on the application/game and its requirements.

 The 3dRudder Dashboard

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The home page of the Dashboard

The 3dRudder Dashboard is your central command center, regularly updated and free to download and install on your PC, running Windows 10. With one to two clicks it allows you to change the configuration of your 3dRudder and to turn it instantly into a foot-powered joystick, a foot-operated mouse, an up to 8 keys keyboard, etc.


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Predefined settings for dozens of PC games

At the moment, 3dRudder is only compatible with games on Windows PC, and that includes titles you may have already bought in the past and newly released titles.

To make using the 3dRudder as easy as possible, you can configure some major titles in the Games section of the Dashboard with one click.

3dRudder provides predefined settings for dozens of PC games and the list grows on a daily basis.

Keyboard Mode 

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Keyboard mode

Keyboard mode is a staple for gamers that love experiencing a completely new way to move in their favorite worlds. Activating Keyboard mode on the 3dRudder Dashboard will emulate up to 8 customizable keyboard keys.

In this mode, it is also possible to adjust the sensitivity on the device, in order to make full use of the innovative control system provided by 3dRudder.

Gamepad / D-Pad Mode

(Available Q2 2017)

The 3dRudder can be used in conjunction to a standard gamepad. You’ll be able to move with your feet in your favorite game while using your hand-controlled gamepad for shooting, doing…

The experience is renewed.

Mouse Mode & Accessibility

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3dRudder Mouse Mode

3dRudder offers responsive and precise mouse capabilities, which are ideal to navigate the web, watch video content and perform all types of daily activities on the computer.

3dRudder Mouse mode offers two different options: one that allows you to click on screen by rotating the device, and one in which the click is triggered by your feet pressure. The mouse functions are similar to a hand-powered mouse.

These innovative features make the device a great accessibility tool for users with upper body disabilities.

3dRudder is committed to providing a versatile and empowering user experience that embraces and includes everyone in the world.

Feel free to suggest us any improvements to make our device better for all users.

3dRudder Standard Mode – Joystick and VR Motion Controller

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Standard Mode – Joystick and VR Motion Controller

The 3dRudder can be used as a 3- or 4-axes joystick for gaming and Virtual Reality (VR). This is the first configuration mode you will see listed on the 3dRudder Dashboard, and one that is at the core of the user experience.

As a joystick with existing applications and games:

Applications such as Google Earth prove why using 3dRudder reinvents many of the traditional experiences we have been used to. The 4 axes of movement powered by 3dRudder make it one of the most innovative and immersive controllers on the market. 

As a VR motion controller:

Please note that while the 3dRudder is perfect for VR, it needs to be integrated by game developers to work properly and to its full power with specific games. Games developed for room scale or using proprietary hand controllers from the major vendors may not be used with the 3dRudder. We are currently working with a growing numbers of game studios, yet if you want to make sure 3dRudder is compatible with your favorite VR experience, please contact us and/or tell the publisher of your favorite game about the 3dRudder.