Because you should not, cannot or do not want to use a hand mouse

If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist tendonitis, arthritis, or another mouse-induced Repetitive Stress Injury, you may be told to use a different kind of hand mouse, like a vertical mouse or an ergonomic mouse, or to position your hand further up on your standard mouse. But actually, what would really make a difference is you should not be using a hand mouse at all.

And if you’re born without a hand or following an injury, a stroke, a wound, you just cannot use a mouse with your hand, thus you are looking for a hand-free mouse.

You may also not want anymore to use a hand mouse for ergonomic reasons, primarily to avoid getting some of the conditions listed above from spending long hours in front of a computer. You then are looking for a way to control the mouse cursor and actions with the feet to involve your lower limbs.

Please meet the 3dRudder Foot Mouse: all the functionalities of a traditional PC mouse, at the feet.

Testimonial: “Just wanted to thank you so much the 3dRudder just arrived and it works perfekt!
Words cant describe how much this means to me whith two disabled arms (not permanent).
I was afraid of loosing my job but this have saved me. You saved my Life, my future.
Thank you so so much!”
Paya S. (Sweden)

How does a foot mouse work?

First the user rests her feet on the board. To move the mouse cursor on screen, she just tilts the board in the direction she wants to point to. The more she tilts, the faster the mouse will move across the screen. To scroll, she twists the mouse on itself, and immediately the page she is viewing, scrolls up or down.

Clicks, double clicks, hold clicks, or right clicks are performed by pressing with the left or right toes on the board. The mouse movements and the scroll feel very intuitive and easy, and take only a few seconds to grasp.

The click buttons take a little more time to acquire, but with some practice they will become second nature. All our users always end up enjoying using their foot mouse, a real life saver.

In this video, see how the user easily controls the mouse exclusively using his feet.

The fact that our mouse is used with both feet prevents fatigue which you would get when using a device that has the feet work independently from each other, and even move around the floor.
Using the 3dRudder Foot Mouse feels a lot like having your feet rest on a footrest.

For detailed explanations on using our foot mouse, check out our support page.

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The other benefits for your health of involving the feet in office work

When seated for long hours at a desk, your lower body is desperately left motionless, potentially causing blood circulation problems and back pain. Focused on your work, study or creation, you forget to get up, stretch, walk at regular intervals as recommended by medical professionals.

The 3dRudder Foot Mouse helps fight those predicaments by forcing you to adjust your sitting position (active sitting). Your lower limbs are now involved without you consciously thinking about it. The blood circulation in your feet and legs is micro-stimulated. And you tend to sit with a straighter back.

Also, the 3dRudder Foot Mouse is based on the equilibrium of the human body. Every action you take with your feet is naturally compensated by itself. there are no moving parts, no springs. You’re the counterforce, making using it extremely relaxing and effortless.

All those benefits are enough for anyone to just start using a 3dRudder Foot Mouse, even if you don’t have any hand conditions.

The 3dRudder Dashboard lets you taylor your foot mouse experience, and more

As the sensitivity of the mouse at the feet is very much a matter of personal taste, you can taylor your foot mouse experience by adjusting the settings in the 3dRudder Dashboard software that comes with your 3dRudder.

Using the 3dRudder Foot Mouse, you’ll notice it is a very precise input device, offering exactly the same mouse control as a hand mouse. This means it’s the best of all carpal tunnel mice or of any other specific disease-dedicated mice, simply because it makes use of another body area, your feet, and does not strain the injured or sensitive part of your body at all, unlike a vertical hand mouse.

On PC the 3dRudder Dashboard lets you do other things such as turning your 3dRudder into a foot joystick or a gaming controller at the feet for PC gaming or with the Xbox Adaptive Controller. It can also be used for controlling motion in virtual reality games and experiences with PC VR headsets. On Mac, for the time being we only provide the foot mouse functionality.

What you get

The 3dRudder Foot Mouse is a packaged solution comprised of:
– A 3dRudder controller
– A set of foot bars for a better positioning of the feet and optimal control,
(to be installed by someone with 2 valid hands)
– The 3dRudder Dashboard that offers the full mouse mode.

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