All the functionalities of a mouse,
at the feet

In this video, see how the user easily controls the mouse exclusively using his feet.

Moving the cursor or scrolling a page or a document is extremely intuitive, taking just a few seconds to get. To move the cursor, just tilt the 3dRudder in the direction you want to point to. The more you tilt, the faster the pointer will move. To scroll, twist the mouse on itself, and immediately you will scroll the page you are viewing.

Clicks, double clicks, hold clicks, or right clicks take a little more time to acquire, but very quickly they will become second nature to you. All our users always end up enjoying using their foot mouse, a real life saver.

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The 3dRudder Dashboard lets you taylor your foot mouse experience, and more

As the sensitivity of the mouse at the feet is very much a matter of personal taste, you can taylor your foot mouse experience by adjusting the settings in the 3dRudder Dashboard software that comes with your 3dRudder.

As you’ll notice, the 3dRudder Dashboard lets you do other things such as turning your 3dRudder into a foot joystick or a gaming controller at the feet for PC gaming. It can also be used for controlling motion in virtual reality games and experiences with PC VR headsets.

What you get

The 3dRudder Foot Mouse comes with its own foot bars for optimal control.
(to be installed by someone with 2 valid hands)

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