What is the 3dRudder?

The 3dRudder is the first foot powered movement controller, specifically designed for Virtual Reality. The device is used while seated and enables users to move effortlessly with a tilt of their feet through 3D environments, along 4 axis of movement simultaneously (right/left; front/back; rotate R/L and up/down), but also in virtual reality environments, classic video games, CAD software, drone flying, machines driving and more.

What makes the 3dRudder different from other controllers?

There are several features that make the 3dRudder different from other controllers. However, two main characteristics are unique to the device: 1) it is the only foot powered controller, keeping users’ hands 100% free; and 2) it functions along 4 combinable axis of movement simultaneously, while other controllers usually rely on 2 to 3 axis only. In addition, unique features such as progressivity, short learning curve, and other features also set the 3dRudder aside from other controllers.

How do I use the 3dRudder?

Simply connect the 3dRudder to your PC with the USB cable, Windows automatically recognizes the 3dRudder as a game controller; wait for 3 beeps, then one long beep (see Quickstart Guide for more info). Place your feet on the pads on top of the device staying still for half a second. One more beep and your ready to go. Push with your toes and you move forward, push on your heels you move backward, turn right/left go right/left, bank right/left you’ll drift right/left, push your right heel you’ll go up, push your left heel go down. It is remarkably intuitive and takes seconds to get a hold of it.

Can I configure the 3dRudder?

Yes. You will need to download the 3dR Dashboard from our website, a client software to install on your PC, which will allow you to adjust the responsiveness, movement curves and other cool moves with your 3dRudder.  You can also use a shareware named Joy2Key to emulate a keyboard and assign specific keys to your 3dRudder, depending on the game/application you are using, or x360ce to emulate a gamepad and transfer the DPad to your feet.

What hardware platforms/devices is the 3dRudder compatible with?

The 3dRudder is compatible with Microsoft Windows(™) 8 or 10, with VR equipments such as Occulus Rift(™), HTC-Vive(™), hand controllers, gamepads, Android OS. Additional compatible hardware and software platforms are added frequently so make sure to check regularly.

Which games is the 3dRudder compatible with?

The 3dRudder is compatible with all PC games that use a joystick, a gamepad or keyboard. So the list is too long to present here. Some games are actually much better when played with the 3dRudder. At the time we are writing these lines the 3dRudder is not yet compatible with the Sony PS4(™) and the Microsoft XBox(™) but we’re working on it so it should be done soon.

Can I stand on the 3dRudder?

No, No NO! you should never stand on the 3dRudder. It is designed to be used seated only and it will malfunction. Besides it may be dangerous to stand on it as you may lose your balance, fall and injure yourself and others.

What if the dashboard displays the same update version all the time?

First, make sure you have administrator rights on your computer. Then, try to uninstall the dashboard and reinstall the latest version available on our website.