World of Warcraft

Discover a new gaming experience with the 3dRudder

The 3drudder allows you to move your character in the immense map of world of Warcraft, and pay more attention to your spells. With this device, you will feel like inside this universe, and you will be able to use your skills and spells while moving around.

Without the 3dRudder

World of Warcraft is one of the most famous MMORPG.
The gameplay is incredibly addictive and while you travel through the immensity of its scenery, you’ll be captivated by its universe.
WOW is game traditionally played with a keyboard and mouse.

With the 3dRudder

When playing World of Warcraft, the 3dRudder allows you to make full use of its innovative 4 axes of movement. You will be able to use the 3dRudder to move in any direction, the mouse to look around and the keyboard to cast spells and skills.
This completely new experience truly benefits every World of Warcraft player out there, from beginners to the most HL players.
In this new setup, the 3dRudder completes the keyboard, providing a level of immersion never seen before in PC Gaming.
Moving your character using your feet allows you to keep your focus on the use of your spells while moving and kitting.

How to set it up?

Setting up the 3dRudder to play World of Warcraft literally takes a few clicks. All you have to do is connect the 3dRudder to the PC through the USB cable attached to the foot-controller. Afterwards, go to “Games Mode” on the 3dRudder Dashboard, and select “WOW” in the list of recommended games. You can also work on your own settings in the "Keyboard Mode" tab of the Dashboard. At that point, get ready for the most immersive World of Warcraft experience you ever had!

World of Warcraft eSports

The 3dRudder is the ideal controller to spectate eSports matches of World of Warcraft. Comfortably seated at your desk or couch, keep your hands free for snacking or taking notes! Click here to learn more.

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