Use the 3dRudder for a memorable encounter with the whale

If you like diving, colorful fishes, the whale song and the sea turtles dance, WeVR TheBlu will undoubtedly delight you. It will let you experience three scenarios into the ocean, and that’s the magic of VR, as if you were right there.
On a ship wreck, receive the visit from a whale intrigued by your presence. Marvel at the most beautiful scene the ocean can offer with the visit of sea turtles and the ballet of gigantic and fascinating jellyfishes. Then sink into the depth of the abyss, where the sun is an unknow concept and discover an adapted fauna…and face the terror of the ocean!
Developed and edited by Wevr, TheBlu is more than just a VR experience, it’s a journey into the biggest aquarium of the world.

Without the 3dRudder

TheBlu is a VR experience that can natively be enjoyed three ways: room-scale, standing still or seated on a chair. The most comfortable one -in our opinion- being seated as the experience was originally designed to make the animals come to you and not the other way around. If you’re equipped with hand controllers, you’ll get to touch the anemones (yes it’s fun to see them close up), but otherwise TheBlu is mainly about watching.

With the 3dRudder

Now what if you could swim along? Experiencing TheBlu with the 3dRudder, is like diving into the ocean with swimming fins. You no longer need to wait for the animals to get closer, now you can go encounter them. Those manta rays who were too high? Join them easily. This sea turtle who moved around you? Go swim with it. The school of giant jellyfishes that takes a hell of a time to come? Stop waiting and go explore them from all around. The icing on the cake? You can navigate to the pace you want and follow the whale.

How to set it up?

To play TheBlu, you'll need an HTC Vive VR headset and its controllers. The game can be downloaded on Steam. To swim underwater with the 3dRudder, you'll be using the 3dRudder "VR Unleashed" mode. It is a part of our companion dashboard software that comes free with your 3dRudder. In the dashboard, simply go to the "Games" tab, select "TheBlu" and click "Activate". Now sit down, start the game, put your headset on and get ready to be amazed !

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