3dRudder lets you feel the whole dread of this horror game

Narcosis is the kind of game where you find yourself holding your breath within seconds. And not only because you're deep underwater and enclosed in a hard hat diving suit with limited oxygen supply. But also because the game is about facing some of your worst fears: claustrophobia and drowning.

When you start the game, you soon enough sense something is going to go wrong. And we can say it without spoiling all the suspens: it does go wrong. You end up progressing alone at the bottom of the ocean, walking through endless submerged tunnels, in search for survivors. When you start feeling like you might never see another living soul again, you get attacked by giant squids and scary spider crabs, with a knife and a few flares as sole weapons.

Your oxygen gets low, the narrative gets scarier and the unidentified sounds coming from all around you bring the tension up to an unerving level. Welcome to Narcosis, a first-person psychological horror game, relased by Honor Code, and available in VR and non-VR.

Without the 3dRudder

Narcosis was originally developed as a ‘regular’ PC game. The VR release of the game offers a deeply immersive experience. The 360° vision enhances the overwhelming sense of dread, especially when a giant squid jumps unexpectedly at you with full force.
But when it comes to moving through the tunnels or wandering through caves, well let’s say that hitting some keys on your keyboard kind of spoils the immersive part of the experience.

With the 3dRudder

If you grow a little frustrated with the keyboard experience, plug in the 3dRudder and put your feet on it. One of the big ‘plus’ is that, as your feet enter the action, you start seeing more of what surrounds you. And Narcosis is pretty big on graphics. You can really focus on your vital oxygen supply and feel the force of the scenario.
Navigating with the 3dRudder will let you enjoy more of the imminent sense of danger that makes Narcosis such a great horror and adventure game. And actually, it also works great in non-VR.

How to set it up?

You’re just a few clicks away from enjoying the game. Here is how to play with the 3dRudder in keyboard mode to control your moves and the mouse for the hand movements.
First of all, plug in your 3dRudder to your computer. Open the 3dRudder Dashboard manager and click on Keyboard mode. Before you activate your 3dRudder as a keyboard, you might want to match the keyboard keys with the appropriate axis of the 3dRudder.
We tested different settings during the game and here is the one we were really comfortable with:

Action in the game (matching key) Axis of the 3dRudder - Sensitivity
Move forward (W) Move forward - 96%
Turn left (A) Rotate left - 78%
Turn right (D) Rotate right - 78%
Go backward (S) Go backward - 96%
Interact (E) Down - 92%
Propulsion (Space bar) Up - 92%
Dashboard view of the settings of axes:
Narcosis with 3dRudder dashboard settings

Once you’ve entered your settings, click on Save settings and on Activate Keyboard mode. Your 3dRudder now acts as a keyboard. You control your moves with your feet and use the mouse to grab the knife and throw the flares.

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