Killing Floor Incursion

Get on the right path and kill more zombies with the 3dRudder

Killing Floor Incursion is a zombie horror VR game with a perfect mix of dread and fun. Playing it with the 3dRudder as a motion controller makes the game even better. The intuitive controls of the 3dRudder make locomotion smooth and seamless, and using your feet on the board to move in the game frees up your hands to grab all kind of weapons and slain more zombies.

Without the 3dRudder

Killing Floor Incursion is the VR version of the well-known license created by Tripwire Interactive, and it’s a good VR adaptation. The graphics are real good and immersive, the creatures both dreadful and grotesque, and what we like the most here at 3dRudder’s, there’s a real effort made at designing large levels with lots of areas to explore. The perfect game to use the 3dRudder as a motion controller.

With the 3dRudder

When you play Killing Floor Incursion with the 3dRudder as a VR motion controller, besides experiencing seamless locomotion, you just do more things, more easily.
First, your feet control the movements of your persona -yes, like in real-life- with intuitive controls (tilt the 3dRudder forward to move forward, to the left to go left, and rotate it to turn in the game).
Second, as your feet control your moves, well guess what? Yes, your hands are totally freed up to grab guns, reload, take hold of knives and slash zombies. Your thumbs will thank you for that, but not the zombies!
Third you play seated meaning you can play longer, and you won’t smash your hands on walls or get strangled with cables. And before you say seated is not immersive, I swear that once you get attacked by waves of zombies, you really feel like you’re attacked by wave of zombies.

How to set it up?

Playing with an HTC Vive:

1- In the 3dRudder’s dashboard, select "controller mode" in the ‘VR Unleashed mode for HTC Vive’ tab, and enter the settings as shown below, then click 'calibration'
2- In the control panel of the game, select position SITTING, then touch the parameters button, select the controllers menu and enter the settings as shown below:
3dRudder settings for Killing floor incursion Killing floor incursion 3drudder settings

Playing with an Oculus Rift:
Download the 3dRudder’s ‘VR Unleashed mode’ for the Oculus (Download & tutorial here). Launch the game on your computer and click ‘Activate’ in the ‘VR Unleashed mode’ window.

Now sit down, put your headset on and start killing zombies!

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