Digital Combat Simulator

3dRudder changes the way gamers fly in VR

Digital Combat Simulator World is vehicle combat simulation game in the flying genre, supported by the HTC Vive. The gameplay is very realistic and incredibly satisfying, despite presenting an extremely deep learning curve. Fortunately, there is a full-fledged training and mission replay system, which allows players to practice for plenty of hours before jumping into action.

With the 3dRudder

Because of the 4 axis of movement and total control powered by the foot powered controller, what before was “just” an excellent simulator, now turns into an unforgettable experience.
The 3dRudder also makes the game easier to learn, since players use their feet in everyday’s life to move around, which leads to a familiar, yet refreshing feeling.
Once players rest their feet on the foot powered controller, the entire body takes part into action, and tilting or rotating the device towards all the different directions will provide an unrivaled sense of speed.

How to set it up?

Playing Digital Combat Simulator World with the 3dRudder requires the free-to-download 3dRudder Dashboard and a few clicks. The game is natively supported by the 3dRudder, which means players can activate Standard (Joystick) mode and immediately jump into action!

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