Aircar VR

Perform incredible manoeuvres with the 3dRudder

Aircar is this kind of game that makes you think: that's what VR is about. Blade Runner atmosphere, gigantic scenery, awesome graphics, and lots of sensations. And that's before even trying it with the 3dRudder. With flying control at your feet, you do vertical nosedive as if it were just another day at work. Spinning, turning around, combining axes to perform incredible manoeuvres becomes a child's play. Get ready for what probably is the most thrilling VR experience so far.

Without the 3dRudder

Aircar is an Oculus-only game. To pilot your vessel, you need to use the sticks on the Oculus touch hand controllers. For gamers used to gamepads, it works just fine with some dexterity. For others, you just need to read the forums to understand that the game controls need some practising to get used to... If you're in this cas, well you may want to read the next section!

With the 3dRudder

Here, at 3dRudder, we are pretty much used to testing lots of VR games, and we are regularly amazed at how great they are. But when the first one of us tried Aircar in VR with the 3dRudder and came to see the rest of the team with stars in his eyes, he didn't have to say much before everybody started lining up to be the next player! I am myself not very prone to effusions, but as soon as I put my feet on the 3dRudder and started performing loopings that sent me upside down in milliseconds, I was ecstatic. The fun you have is just amazing, no matter the kind of player you are.

How to set it up?

To play this Oculus-only game with the 3dRudder follow the steps below:
1- Launch the game on your computer
2- In the 3dRudder Dashboard, select AirCar in the Games tab, and click Activate. This will send the settings of the game to the 3dRudder.
3- Rest your feet on the 3dRudder, put your Oculus on, and hold the index trigger of your right Touch controller down to open the throttle. GO!

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