2019 July 5

Enjoy smoother and optimized navigation controls in Sairento VR with the 3dRudder!

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Sairento VR is now available on Playstation VR with the 3dRudder support!



Put on your headset: the first-person Japanese shooter Sairento VR is out now on Playstation VR! You liked the PC version? Then, you will LOVE playing it on Playstation VR with the 3dRudder foot motion controller. Here’s why!


For those who might not have heard of Mixed Realms’ remarkable production, Sairento VR is a futuristic Asian-style shooter in virtual reality with a crazy range of possible action and motion controls! Sharp graphics, fast-paced missions, neon lights and tons of bloodshed… The game is a truly entertaining playground that deserves the interest of all the PSVR owners. You included!



Sairento VR: a fantastic playground for FPS addicts!



Multi-jump on the walls, do backflips and somersaults in the air, slow down time and even shoot enemies with your head down! Here, you can simulate all the “basic ninja” skills that you unsuccessfully practiced back during your schoolyard days.


But that’s not all. While performing acrobatics in mid-air, you will also face waves of ruthless enemies that master ancestral powers and move at the speed of light. As your opponents will do whatever possible to stop you from advancing to the next level, be careful not to lower your guard!


And don’t think about playing it smart and running away! They WILL follow you from one room to another and kill you in cold blood. To rule this world, you only have one reliable option: to slaughter them all, from badass geishas to over-trained samurais, until the very last sumo’s dead. In this overheated arena, using the 3dRudder controller in-game somehow feels like doing a controlled skid in Tokyo Drift!

3dRudder 3d rudder Playstation vr PSVR Sairento


Discover new navigation possibilities with the 3dRudder foot motion controller!



Indeed, Mixed Realms’ developers added various gameplay customisation possibilities to create the most immersive experience possible and to meet all the players’ expectations. In this regard, the 3dRudder native support happens to be a game changer (at least, for those who don’t mind being comfortably seated in their couch)!


Imagine being able to shoot an enemy with two pistols while dodging their shots and running on a glass pane all at the exact same time… As we said: GAME-CHANGING! We spent hours testing tricks with the 3dRudder and encountered absolutely no issues when it came to control motions and viewing angles.


Our hands were thus completely free to slay sumos one after the other with the sharp sword of our character. Finally, we were able to step back and move around the target while emptying all our ammos! A trick that is simply not possible without the 3dRudder foot controller.

3drudder 3d rudder playstation vr PSVR Sairento


The 3dRudder foot controller enhances motion control and gives full power to the PS Move Controllers



The thing is, once you learn how to control your moves in Sairento, the game is pure euphoria! If the 3dRudder motion controller offers new gameplay configurations, it also enhances the existing navigation possibilities. With it, it’s as easy to jump and turn around to surprise your opponent as it is to control your rotation speed and turning angle. When coupled with the PS Move Controllers, you’re equipped with the perfect combo to inflict important damages to your opponents.


And that’s the whole point of having a foot motion controller! With both controllers, you can now use your PS Move for weapons and high jumps while enjoying a smooth, precise and progressive locomotion thanks to your 3dRudder. The attacks and the moves are thus very methodical and elegant (just like a real secret agent!) and the device lets players fully enjoy the great work done by the game studio.


Oh yeah, last thing: with the 3dRudder, you can now choose between running or walking as you control your travel speed. And all this without having to think about it! While being seated may slightly reduce your immersion while wielding the sword, the full freedom of movement enabled by the 3dRudder foot controller will definitely make you feel like a real ninja!


Are you ready to experience more epic battles? Then, follow this link to get started!



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