2019 July 10

Discover now the North American packaging of the 3dRudder for Playstation VR!

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The 3dRudder foot controller for PSVR is coming to North America!


This one’s addressed to all our American and Canadian players, and it’s excellent news!

First thing: thank you for your patience when we were collaborating with Sony Americas. After the European Launch, the time has finally come for the 3dRudder team to land in North America. And we have something we’d like to share with you!


It’s blue, it’s Playstation branded, and it’s coming for sale very soon in your continent: discover below the North American packaging of the 3dRudder for PlayStation VR!


As part of the 3dRudder Launch in North America, the packaging of the 3dRudder had been entirely redesigned from white to a full and bright blue, proudly displaying the colors of Playstation. This way, future buyers will be able to recognize at a glance the device, that is now part of the PlayStation family, on the shelves.



The 3dRudder foot controller: an Officially Licensed Playstation product



As you may know, the 3dRudder is now an Officially Licensed Playstation product and will thus be available next to the other PlayStation peripherals like the PS Move Controllers and the PlayStation VR headset.


For the record, know that the Sony company is divided in three subsidiaries: Japan, Europe and Americas. And when it comes to releasing Officially Licensed PlayStation products, each region is handled separately! Each has their own rules and guidelines to follow in order to meet the expectations of players all around the world and, of course, the 3dRudder packaging had to get through Sony’s expertise before crossing borders.


For those who haven’t seen it yet, take a look below at the European packaging below and tell us which one you prefer!



PSVR owners will soon be able to enjoy a smoother navigation and full freedom of movement in about 30 compatible games at the moment. And the list keeps expanding! On the list: Scraper: First Strike, Sairento VR,  Telefrag VR, Space Junkies, The Mage’s Tale, The Wizards, Undead Citadel… In short, get ready to enjoy hours and hours of striking experiences in virtual reality!


You can find the list of all the compatible PSVR games on our website.


Of course, first come first served! People who pre-ordered will be the first ones to receive the foot motion controller before it will be physically available in stores in the US and in Canada. If you haven’t ordered your 3dRudder controller, it’s time to put your head in the game! Order yours now and be among the first to receive the brand new blue packaging at home.


See you soon on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean!

The 3dRudder team.


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