Gain the Edge in World of Warcraft by Using Your Feet For More Control Options!

World of Warcraft


Type of game



  • PC
  • Action
  • Exploration
  • Standard Games
  • Multi-player

The 3dRudder foot motion controller is an ideal World of Warcraft controller. It lets you move your character in the immense map of WOW, while using your skills or casting your spells.

The preconfigured setup for a Qwerty keyboard (English), provided with the accompanying 3dRudder Dashboard, maps all the movement keys to the 3dRudder, ie. WASD, QE, the space bar and X. You can also create your own configuration.

With the 3dRudder at the feet, you can move intuitively, while using your mouse to look around and the keyboard to cast spells with all the other keys.

This completely new experience truly benefits every World of Warcraft player out there, from beginners to the most HL players, keeping you focused on the use of your spells while moving and kitting.

How to play WOW with the 3dRudder

Native support of the 3dRudderNo
3dRudder ModeKeyboard mode
How to get started? (option 1)Dashboard-> Games -> Monitor -> WOW
How to get started? (option 2)Dashboard-> Keyboard-> Map up to 8 keys

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