Defeat everyone while controlling powerful mecha with 3dRudder

War Robots VR: the Skirmish


Type of game



  • PC VR
  • Action
  • Mech
  • VR Games
  • Single-player

War Robots VR: the Skirmish is a delightful mech game. Short and at the same time so immersive. Well, we played War Robots VR with the 3dRudder motion controller and we had so much fun. With its foot controls, the 3dRudder lets you move in a natural and intuitive way while your hands are free for interaction.

When we played War Robots VR: The Skirmish with the 3dRudder controller and the HTC Vive, it all got very natural. We were comfortably seated in our brand new gaming chair, our feet resting on the 3dRudder and our hands equipped with the wand controllers. We could move our robot with agility just by tilting the 3dRudder the way we wanted to go and the great thing is our hands were freed up for interaction -well, shooting! It’s not only natural but also very convenient, and adds another layer of intensity.

How to play War Robots VR: the Skirmish with the 3dRudder

VR headsetHTC Vive, Oculus Rift
Game downloadSteam VR, Oculus store
Native support of the 3dRudderNon
How to get started? (HTC Vive)Dashboard-> Games -> Steam VR-> War Robots
How to get started? (Oculus Rift)Launch the game->Dashboard-> Games -> Oculus Rift-> War Robots

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