Be an outstading aviator, piloting aircraft with your feet



Type of game



  • PlayStation VR
  • Exploration
  • Flight
  • VR Games
  • Single-player

Ultrawings is an open-world game in which you can explore different islands and complete objectives, while piloting your own aircraft. VR flight simulation games are popular for several reasons, one of which being the simulation of flight process itself. 3dRudder is here to contibute to the the feeling of flying and moving as if you were really in the cabin, piloting the airplane.

The 3dRudder foot controller is a perfect addition to Ultrawings, and contributes to making the game more immersive. As a pro pilot, you control yaw with your feet, as well as brake, and your hands manage the throttle and stick. The combination foot controller + hand controllers makes Ultrawings a very much realistic flight simulation game, while still challenging enough to be fun.

How to play Ultrawings with the 3dRudder

Platform Playstation VR
Game downloadAvailable now on the Playstation Store
Native support of the 3dRudderYes / Available at launch (end of May 2019)
Combination to play3dRudder + PS Move / 3dRudder + Dualshock 4
How to get started?Plug & Play
Features enabled by the 3dRudderThe 3dRudder enacts as the rudder of your plane.
Controls 2 axes. To control the yaw: toggle the 3dRudder to the left or to the right. To brake at landing: tilt the 3dRudder forward.
Integrated 3dRudder menuNo

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