Test your skills on this VR Arena shooter!

Iron Blood VR


Type of game



  • PC VR
  • Action
  • Arena
  • FPS
  • Shooter
  • VR Games
  • Multi-player

Iron Blood VR is a futuristic sci-fi team arena shooter in which you can play with different heroes, each of them having special exclusive skills and weapons. Taking place in 2120, in a world in chaos, you will have to choose your side and be part of the confrontation between two rival factions factions.

Play as Diesel, whose special skill is summoning a shield; as Rayan, who can increase the fire rate of gis rifle; or as Amelia, the female character who can heal herself and her allies.

How to Play Iron Blood VR with the 3dRudder?

VR HeadsetHTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, Windows Mixed Reality
Game DownloadAvailable now on Steam
Native support of the 3dRudderYes
How to get started?Plug and Play
Features enabled by the 3dRudderThe 3dRudder lets you move in every directions, maintain and change direction up to 360°.
Controls3 axes. - To turn right/ left: rotate the 3dRudder to the left/to the right. - To move forward/backward: tilt forward/backward. - To strafe: tilt the 3dRudder left/right.
Integrated 3dRudder Menu No

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