Fly in Google Earth as easily as a bird

Google Earth VR


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Google Earth lets you travel the whole world… and space. Go for a ride in China to see the Great Wall, then have fun looking for the mysterious secret military base ‘Area 51’ in Nevada, or go admire the famous Corcovado of Rio de Janeiro…Everything is possible. Well, let’s admit it, what you’ll do first is go see your own house.
Google Earth in virtual reality is also a great way to make a dream come true: freely fly the sky. Catch the sun and move it to choose between day and night, then go discover the world. With the largest cities totally modeled in 3D, the immersion feels amazing.
Put your VR headset on, turn on the music…and enjoy your trip.

As the 3dRudder offers the possibility to combine axes (eg. Turn left or right while moving forward), the movement is smooth and the feeling close to real-life. It is also really intuitive: tilt the 3dRudder forward to move forward, tilt it to the right to go right, rotate it to turn around, and so on. The speed is adjustable: a full tilt of the 3dRudder will make you move quickly while a half movement lets you move more slowly.
Try it and become the Superman of Google Earth.
You can also use the 3dRudder in the two modes (standard or flight) of the desktop version of Google Earth. Simply rest your feet on the 3dRudder and ride the world. Your hands are free to take notes or whatever you feel like. It’s a more relaxing. more natural experience.

How to play Google Earth with the 3dRudder

VR headsetHTC Vive, Oculus Rift
Game downloadSteam VR, Oculus store
Native support of the 3dRudderNo
How to get started? (HTC Vive)Dashboard-> Games -> Steam VR-> Google Earth VR
How to get started? (Oculus Rift)Launch the game->Dashboard-> Games -> Oculus Rift-> Google Earth VR

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