Make a fortune exploring gold mines in VR!

Cave Digger


Type of game



  • PlayStation VR
  • Adventure
  • Exploration
  • VR Games
  • Single-player

Cave Digger is an original mining game set up in the uncharted wild west. Use a vast variety of tools to dig and collect gems. Trade them for new gadgets that will help you dig even deeper into the mountain.

Use the elevator to reach 4 different underground levels. Explore the village and the depths of the moutain to discover secrets, easter eggs, and several endings!

How to Play Cave Digger with the 3dRudder?

PlatformPlayStation VR
Game DownloadAvailable now on the PlayStation store
Native support of the 3dRudderYes
Combination to play 3dRudder + PS Move controllers
How to get started?Plug and Play
Features enabled by the 3dRudderThe 3dRudder lets you move in every directions, maintain and change direction up to 360°
Controls3 axes. - To turn right/ left: rotate the 3dRudder to the left/to the right. - To move forward/backward: tilt the 3dRudder forward/backward. - To strafe left/right: tilt the 3dRudder left/right.
Integrated 3dRudder menuNo

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