The 3dRudder offers new mechanics of game play.

Borderlands 2


Type of game



  • PC
  • Action
  • Exploration
  • Shooter
  • Standard Games
  • Multi-player
  • Single-player

Travelling in the vast open world of Borderlands 2 with the 3drudder will offer you a new way to immerse yourself in a game. You will feel more implicated and part of the beautiful story of this game.

Playing Borderlands 2 using the 3dRudder opens new gameplay mechanics.
The 3drudder is here to replace the keyboard and allows you to move in the game but also to open the menu, reload, use the skills of your character, and interact with the environment.

How to play Borderlands 2 with the 3dRudder

Native support of the 3dRudderNon
3dRudder ModeKeyboard mode
How to get started? (option 1)Dashboard-> Games -> Monitor -> Borderlands 2
How to get started? (option 2)Dashboard-> Keyboard-> Map up to 8 keys

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