Revisit the future in Boiling Steel

Boiling Steel


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  • PC VR Games
  • PlayStation VR
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • FPS
  • VR Games
  • Single-player

Boiling Steel is a story-driven futuristic shooter game that will take you to another planet as you look to escape from religious, bureaucratic and other radical restrictions. Enjoy more than 10 hours of gameplay in breathtaking realistic sci-fi environments, combining exploration, combat and solving riddles. Customize the parameters of your robotic shell and play your style as your choices will affect gameplay.

How to Play Boiling Steel with the 3dRudder?

Platform PlayStation VR
Game DownloadAvailable soon on the PlayStation store
Native support of the 3dRudderYes
Combination to play3dRudder + PS Move
How to get started?Plug and Play
Features enabled by the 3dRudderThe 3dRudder lets you move in every direction, maintain and change your direction up to 360°.
Controls3 axes.
- To turn right/ left: rotate the 3dRudder to the left/to the right.
- To move forward/backward: tilt forward/backward.
- To strafe: tilt the 3dRudder left/right.
Integrated 3dRudder menuNo

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