2019 April 16

Bow to Blood on PSVR: the funnest battles of the galaxy with the 3dRudder !

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A successful PSVR experience

In Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing, become the captain of a fantastic spaceship in the galaxy. With your space crew, compete or forge alliances with other crew captains and reach the top of an epic and unforgiving tournament!

This fantasy PSVR game developed by Tribetoy is genuinely fun, surprising and offers a solid VR experience with a various range of possibilities for the player. If you have a doubt, take a look at the numerous positive reviews available on the internet.


Bow to Blood generates each time a new environment

The map you’ll evolve in is randomly generated. In other words, it means that you won’t likely have the same experience twice! Each time you play is an opportunity to discover new environments, characters and missions. The characters also have their own motivations and goals, and don’t think that your enemies will forget about you. As it is said, revenge is best served cold.


Bow to Blood on PSVR mixes different gameplay mechanics that include spatial battleships and 1 VS 1 races. But if you are feeling adventurous, you can also explore the galaxy that is always changing and full of surprises…


Your choices automatically affect and determine the rest of your adventure. On the other hand, the relationships you create with other captains are crucial for the future of your expedition. Choose carefully who you want to side with! At the end of each round, one of the least competitive participants is voted out until there is only one player left: the Champion of the Arena.



Make controls more intuitive with the 3dRudder

Several actions are possible with your PS moves. At the core of the battle, you will have to control your ship, manage your crew and fight your enemies at the same time (both with your space bar canons and your own pistol when the action comes closer).


With the 3dRudder, use your feet to control your Spaceboat and maintain directions. You can gain or lose attitude by tilting the 3dRudder backward/forward. If you want to turn left or right, rotate the device. This way, the foot motion controller enables you to free your hands for action in the battle.


Since Bow to Blood integrates a lot of controls, the 3dRudder allows players to experience a smoother and more intuitive gameplay. More importantly, you can control the ship with your feet and thus manage better your crew with your hands. It also provides an optimal immersion when playing with the PS Moves.

3dRudder Playstation VR PS4

To resume, Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing with the 3dRudder is a game we would definitively recommend if you like or want to discover PSVR games. 


Bow to Blood, which is now available on the Playstation Store, will be fully playable with the 3dRudder for Playstation VR when the peripheral will be released in May, 2019.





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