For people with upper body disabilities, the simple use of a computer keyboard, a mouse, not to mention the joy of playing a video game, can be a challenge, if not a total impossibility.

PC Foot Controller

3dRudder brings an innovative solution to them, by offering a new way to use their feet instead of their hands to control movement, browse the web, use Microsoft Windows-based applications, or play PC keyboard video games, thus bridging a previously insurmountable gap thanks to a new and affordable technology device. Combine 3dRudder with voice recognition software, and you now have full control of your computer through feet and voice.

As a result, 3dRudder was recently recognized as one of the 2017 CES Innovation Award Honorees in the Computer Accessibility category.

PC Foot Controller

It is easy and convenient to use the 3dRudder as a foot operated mouse. Thanks to the 3dRudder Dashboard software, users can simply configure the foot powered 3dRudder with a few clicks to:

  • Emulate a computer mouse for using of most software and/or browsing the web,
  • Emulate a keyboard + mouse for specific application or playing a video game,
  • Emulate an Xbox gamepad to play specific video games,
  • Installing and automatically configuring popular video games with one click (ex: Minecraft, World of Tanks, Need for Speed, Counterstrike: GO …).

Here is a short video demonstrating the use of the 3dRudder as a foot-powered mouse.

We are always looking for ways to improve the Accessibility features of our device, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any suggestions or partnership ideas. Let us know how you use the 3dRudder, how we can improve it, using our contact form.

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