Play PlayStation Games With
One Hand and Your Feet

The 3dRudder for PlayStation is also a great accessibility device for your PS4. Natively integrated in some standard games such as Fortnite, and supported by already more than 40 VR games, it offers an alternative to limited mobility players.

Check out this video on how to play Fortnite with one hand, a DualShock and the 3dRudder in just 2 steps.

We’re actively working on getting more blockbusters on board. It’s a process that takes time but is highly rewarding. You can contribute to this process by asking your favorite game development team for native support.

Just received the 3DRudder for Playstation. I have ordered it for my son who is a Fortnite fan and unfortunately has a severe handicap in his right arm. With this amazing device, he is now able to compete on Fortnite with his friends and forget about his handicap. Thank you so much 3DRudder, you rock!

Sabine C. - Amazon customer - USA


Experience foot-powered locomotion in some standard PlayStation 4 games, and in 40+ PSVR games on PS4 and PS5.

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The Ground Gripper for Added Stability

The 3dRudder Ground Gripper secures your 3dRudder in place as it may slip when playing on certain types of floors or because of the way you handle the controller.

The 3dRudder Ground Gripper