2018 November 19

Accessibility: 3dRudder Flex Mode for the Xbox Adaptive Controller

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3dRudder introduces its new Flex Mode for the Xbox Adaptive Controller

On Xbox, when the 3dRudder is plugged in the Adaptive Controller, it takes the functionality of a given thumb stick of a traditional gamepad. That being said, applying the settings of a hand controller to a foot controller can prove unsettling at first.
The team at 3dRudder has been working on a new set of settings with a focus on dead zone mechanics to neutralize the latency effect inherited from the thumb stick, and curve mechanics to make full use of 3drudder’s progressivity.
The result is a set of 2 gaming configurations that offer an ideal balance between reactivity and sensitivity, and makes Xbox games so much enjoyable to play and easy to master.

As 3dRudder’s CEO, Stanislas Chesnais, explains:

the native support offered by the Xbox Adaptive Controller is a wonderful opportunity, but also a starting point. As we constantly thrive for innovation, we felt we could improve the experience by offering the same feel and playability with the 3dRudder on Xbox as on other platforms.


3dRudder Flex Mode: 1 mode, 2 gaming configurations

Since each gamer has their own preference when it comes to playing Xbox games with the 3dRudder foot controller, the new Flex Mode offers a choice of 2 gaming configurations.

Configuration 1: this option combines the pitch and the roll. If we take Forza Horizon 4 as an example, you tilt the 3drudder forward to speed up and tilt it to the left or the right to steer the wheel
Configuration 2: this option combines the pitch and the yaw. Still in FH4, you’ll speed up by tilting the 3drudder forward, and steer the wheel by spinning the 3drudder to the left or the right.

Entirely the gamer’s choice.

3dRudder Flex Mode 2 configurations


Hands-free activation

Activating the new Flex Mode, and switching from configuration 1 to configuration 2, has been designed as a hands-free control to match the kind of mobility restrictions 3dRudder’s users may experience. When the user puts their right foot on the right side of the 3dRudder, and remains still for 5 seconds, the Flex Mode is activated and configuration 1 enabled. Likewise, with the left foot to enable configuration 2.


Gaming accessibility: a priority for the 3dRudder foot controller

The 3dRudder is a foot controller that is naturally a very convenient accessible peripheral for people with limited mobility. When used as a PC peripheral, it can be alternatively:
a foot keyboard with up to 8 key bindings
• a foot joystick with up to 4 axes
• a foot mouse with exactly the same functionalities as a traditional hand mouse
• a foot powered VR motion controller to enjoy free locomotion in virtual reality

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