2019 December 23

A taste of the future of VR

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The introduction of hand and finger tracking (beta version) on the Oculus Quest finally enables a VR setup where users are free of hand controllers. Yet they still have to move in VR to explore the multitude of worlds and experiences it offers.

The 3dRudder vision for VR is that of games and experiences where hands are free of controllers to act naturally, and our foot motion controller is used to handle effortless and hyper intuitive movements at the feet.

Here is the famous Oculus Train demo modified by 3dRudder. The helicopter type of motion in this video is achieved by using the 4 axes of the 3dRudder: forward/backward, left/right strafe, left/right turn, and up/down.

We added a few elements in the scene: most notably a bridge made of cube the user can destroy with his hands.

The ideal accessory would be gloves, not used to track hands and fingers as most startups working on gloves go for, but that do 3 things: provide haptic feedback for a sense of touch; offer force feedback for a sense of object grabbing (the fingers “wrap” around the object I’m holding in VR, be it a light saber or a ball); and temperature feedback for a sense of how cold or warm objects are).

To use this demo, you’ll need a 3dRudder Pro Wireless and the Oculus Train sample modified by us.


A taste of the future of VR: Oculus Quest VR headset with hand tracking + 3dRudder foot motion controller = hands free to act + intuitive and natural motion at the feet (here using the 4 axes of the 3dRudder).

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