Discover Our Offering For People With Upper-Body Limited Mobility

Missing a hand/arm from birth or following an injury or an accident, suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist, elbow or shoulder tendonitis or arthritis, or recovering from a stroke and unable to execute delicate tasks with one (or even both) of your hands, discover the 3dRudder foot controller.

Find below the gaming platform you play or work with, or the packaged solution for PC adapted to your needs.


3dRudder is committed to making our offering accessible and user friendly to as many people as possible. If you have any suggestions for improving our products, dashboard or website, please email our team at . We take feedback seriously and will act upon it. 

While our PC dashboard lets you experience most PC games, a native integration of the 3dRudder guarantees a greater experience such as the one offered by Epic Games in Fortnite, for both PC and PlayStation versions of their game. We strongly encourage you to ask the producers or developers of your favorite games to integrate the 3dRudder for an optimal native experience. It obviously makes a lot of sense in order to increase the number of standard compatible PlayStation games you can play with the 3dRudder for PlayStation.

Finally, word of mouth is important for a device such as the 3dRudder, as it is the first of a new class of peripherals: foot controllers. Spread the word towards people you know could benefit from the 3dRudder. Talk also about it with your doctor, occupational therapist, physiotherapist or physical therapist. Medical professionals will appreciate knowing about the 3dRudder and all it can do.