2018 February 15

3dRudder’s price drops permanently to $99/99€

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Get the best of the 3dRudder for less

Following announcement of its new Edition, the Blackhawk, due mid-year, 3dRudder announces the price of its current edition -the black and red Edition, nicknamed V5- will drop permanently to $99/99€.
This new deal makes the 3dRudder the most appealing VR motion controller. The multiple ways the 3dRudder allows you to move in VR while seated is impressive:
Walking, running: use the 3dRudder to manage motion in a fluid, seamless way (yes, you can walk, run, even turn around and go up & down), and use the hand controllers for shooting, pulling, grabbing. You’ll feel like a superhero in games like Robo Recall, Arizona Sunshine, Dead Effect 2 VR, and many more.
Hovering over: a must-have for all e-sport fans who love watching live sessions, like the spectator mode in Dota 2. Swimming: like in TheBlu where you feel like you’re floating about in the ocean while swimming along with the whale or the sea turtles in an eerie way.
Piloting, steering: thanks to its 4 combinable axes, the 3dRudder enables achievement of incredible maneuvers. Try it with AirCarVR and perform loops and vertical nosedive as if it were just another day at work.

3drudder's enable free locomotion in VR

The 3dRudder offers plenty of advantages:
• No physical boundaries. Move beyond tiny apartment spaces. Simply stay seated at your couch or desk and use your feet to get you where you want to go.
• No teleportation. Move naturally where you want to go and enjoy a fluid immersion experience.
• Use your 3dRudder foot controller to move, and your hand controllers to shoot, grab, hold, etc.
• Play for longer periods of time with minimized fatigue because you stay seated and use your feet.
• Compatible with the Oculus Rift & games purchased on the Oculus store
• Compatible with the HTC Vive & games purchased on the Steam store
• Compatible with the Windows Mixed Reality HMD’s & games purchased on the Steam store
• Great combination with ProTube VR Rifle stock
• Now $99/99€ at 3dRudder.com.

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