2016 January 17

3dRudder VR Controller – Interact With the VR World With Your Feet

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While the virtual reality sector is focusing on assisting people in communicating with the VR world using the hands, the 3dRudder VR Controller takes a different direction. With this device, it does not focus on the hands, but with a person’s feet.


Unlike other virtual reality controllers that are already out in the market, the 3dRudder VR Controller is cross-platform friendly. It connects to computers with the aid of a USB cable. It will work with any computer that has Windows 8 and above. It also works with either an AMD Phenom or Intel Core processor with 2GB of RAM (minimum) or more.

Perhaps the only limitation that has been currently seen for the 3dRudder Controller is it can only support a maximum weight of 130-grams for the paired VR headset. But considering that you still have to be sitting when you’re using the device, this may not be that much of an issue.

Once the controller has been set up, it will only require the 3dRudder’s drivers to be downloaded into the computer system. These can be acquired through the company’s website. After which, controls will be calibrated to suit each individual’s performance. From there, users are good to go.

This circular controller will be placed on the floor. It is a 37-centimeter disc that is designed to work with a joystick which will allow you to traverse through the virtual realms with the use of foot movements. For instance, to move forward, you just have to lean to the direction you want to go. The controller’s gyroscope will then be able to propel your virtual self forward. Similarly, to move in a different direction, say go to the left, simply twist your feet in that direction and the screen avatar would promptly adjust the angle.

This may all sound new and weird at first, but for those who have already tried it have found the idea to be highly intuitive. Using it is very user-friendly and those who have already tried it out have immediately grasp the idea of controlling their VR avatars in as little as 10-seconds.

Competitive gaming aside, the 3dRudder VR Controller is a unique way to experience virtual reality. However, the pre-order price for this disc is seen to be a bit on the pricey side, and the fact that you have to shell out extra for the VR headset to get it working means that it may not readily be for everyone.

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