2017 October 9

3dRudder supports Oculus games

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3dRudder’s new VR Unleashed mode for the Oculus Rift takes the space limitations out of your room-scale VR experience – even when playing games in small, confined spaces.

VR Unleashed mode for the Oculus Rift is the newest addition to functionalities offered by the 3dRudder foot-powered controller for games and virtual reality. Control your motion intuitively with your feet when sitting, leaving your hands free to grab hand controllers. The video below gives an overview of the incredible combination of movements enabled by the 3dRudder in the fascinating, Oculus only, AirCar VR experience.

The 3dRudder VR Unleashed mode for the Oculus Rift:

– No physical boundaries. Move beyond tiny apartment spaces. Simply stay seated at your couch or desk and use your feet to get you where you want to go.
– No teleportation. Move naturally where you want to go and enjoy a fluid immersion experience.
– Use your 3dRudder foot controller to move, and your hand controllers to shoot, grab, hold, etc.
– Play for longer periods of time with minimized fatigue because you stay seated and use your feet.
– Compatible with Oculus Rift games purchased on the Oculus store
– Compatible with Windows PC systems, games, hand controllers
– Weighs less than four pounds, has a slim profile, and easily slides out of sight when not in use

VR Unleashed for the Oculus Rift is offered today in open source as a standalone application. It will ultimately be integrated into the user-friendly customizable 3dRudder Dashboard.
To experience 3dRudder’s 360 motion in your favorite Oculus game, download the free VR Unleashed mode for the Oculus Rift directly from Github.
Click here to download Unleash mode for Oculus.

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