2019 June 6

Fortnite now natively supports the 3dRudder on PlayStation and PC

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The latest Fortnite patch with 3dRudder support aims at making the game accessible to more gamers!


Message addressed to all Fortnite fans: the 3dRudder foot motion controller is NOW natively compatible with the world most famous multiplayer shooter, both on PlayStation and PC through the accessibility options!


This morning, Epic Games has released its 9.20 patch with this nice surprise in it. It’s actually an excellent piece of news for the Fortnite community, especially for gamers with limited mobility as they are now able to take full control of their characters and parade around the map in their Bunny Brawler skin. All this in an easier, more enjoyable way!




Hit the top of the ranking in Fortnite Battle Royale thanks to the 3dRudder foot motion controller!


Just like in the many games that already support the device, the integration of the 3dRudder represents a significant asset for the players. It enables a more natural, more intuitive gameplay and players using it are actually more focused and efficient when it comes to action.


As some of you know, there are a lot of action controls in the game. Apart from shooting people with a sniper (let’s be honest, it’s the best part), the game also requires you to pick up equipments, to build tricky constructions and, occasionally, to heat up the dance-floor with an emote after a successful headshot. Yes, the Fortnite community is fierce. And we haven’t addressed the motion controls yet!



Fortnite and 3dRudder ally in favour of accessibility on PlayStation and PC!


If experimented players can quickly manage complex combinations due to their unearthly dexterity, some of us (I must confess) had hard times fully mastering all the possibilities enabled by the controller or the keyboard. We learnt it the hard way before we achieved to kill our first troopers. “How do you build this roof again?! Damn, too late!” If you can relate to this, we’re on the same team here.


These combinations can be even harder to handle for a large community of gamers who suffer from limited upper limb mobility. This integration is another step made by Epic Games towards accessibility and for us, that’s a big thumbs up! Because everybody should have the opportunity to be #1 in Battle Royale, right?





For us who created the 3dRudder, contributing to making Fortnite funnier for all is our biggest reward!


We’re glad that the 3dRudder foot motion controller has been integrated by such a large number of game studios so far. A number that keeps extending with huge other licenses to come! For us, your trust proves that the device brings great possibilities for all the players around the world, regardless of their abilities.


Again, we created the 3dRudder peripheral to make moving in VR, games, 3D applications and worlds as natural and rewarding as it can be. For the fun, for the thrill, for the joy…for the movement of it.



Also, know that Fortnite will exhibit at E3 this year with “the whole squad”. They will be introducing some exciting news, on top of offering gifts and leading competitions. If you are around, we suggest you go take at look. You might get a chance to try the Fortnite Creative games made by the players for the players!

It’s time for you to get your feet on yours to experience optimized motion controls! And if you haven’t one yet, the motion controller is available in its PSVR version in pre-order as well as in its PC version on our official store!

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