2016 March 31

3dRudder: movement within virtual reality

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Now this is possible to move in virtual reality through a device that is controlled by our feet And no use of our hand to control that device. ”3D Rudder” is a  input device which is use to Control virtual reality motion. Means we can move in a 3D environment by using our feet. Number of startup worked for this wonderful invention. This device is like round skateboard .we can move forward and backward, side to side And up and down. And  the user control their movement by keep their feet on that board.

Basically this device is made for PC Applications and games ,also for camera .This is also use in “remote machine control like under water ROV, surgical robots for camera control and the founder of this device is ” Stanislas Chesnais ” . We can also called this device is “feet tracking “And this is connected to USB and weight of this device is 2kg. this device is released in 2016.and price of this device is $175.

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