2020 March 5

Does the 3dRudder give a competitive advantage in Fortnite?

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Discover a new way to play: Move in the game with your feet and focus more easily on your build fights!

Chloé was surprised to get her first solo win with the 3dRudder in less than 10 games!


Chloé (a.k.a ghostangel83) tried playing Fortnite with the 3dRudder. She explains to us how she thinks the device can help her get better in the game. Find the video here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULJJU32BXdw&t=30s

She thinks the 3dRudder helps her improve her skills: she can focus more on the builds rather than her movements. She adds that moving with the 3dRudder is very intuitive and that now she just moves her character naturally without thinking about it!


To play Fortnite with the 3dRudder it’s quite easy! To move forward, tilt the device forward; to move backward tilt the device backward; and to move right or left tilt the 3dRudder right or left. You can swap weapon with a rotation of the 3dRudder. Chloé changed her movement controls on her keyboard, and she deleted the “Z”, “Q”, “S”, “D” (French keyboard keys for WASD) motion controls (now that movement is handled by the 3dRudder at her feet) to put her build controls on “A” for the wall, “Z” for the ground, “E” for the stairs, “R” for the roofs and “T” for the traps. This way she can have a more comfortable position with her left hand and she can trigger actions such as building a wall quicker.

To install the 3dRudder on your computer you must download the 3dRudder dashboard on the company’s website. You will have to go through a tutorial to understand how the 3dRudder works. You can map your keyboard or your mouse to your 3dRudder thanks to the dashboard. But here, to play Fortnite you don’t need to map anything: the 3dRudder is directly integrated in the game, you just have to activate the “foot controller option” in the accessibility settings of the game.

Ghostangel83 needed a few minutes to understand how the 3dRudder works. It took her about one hour to get used to these new controls. And after a few games, moving with the 3dRudder felt very natural for her. She says 5 or 6 games is enough to be comfortable with the 3dRudder.

And finally, she was surprised to get her first solo win with the 3dRudder in less than 10 games!

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