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Movement, as it was meant to be

Movement, as it was meant to be

The 3dRudder, Virtual Reality and Gaming Controller, lets you move the way you’re used to through worlds you’d never seen. Based on the simple premise that using your feet is the most intuitive and fun way to get around.

For everyone, every system, everywhere

For everyone, every system, everywhere

No matter who you are or how you play, 3dRudder partners seamlessly with your PC system’s hand controllers for a totally expanded Gaming movement experience.


Big moves, small controller

Big moves, small controller

Slim enough to slide out of sight when not in use, 3dRudder keeps a low profile, so you don’t need a dedicated room to have an amazing VR or Gaming experience.

Moving is believing

Moving is believing $179

3dRudder was designed to feel second nature the moment you make your first move. Jumping, sliding, flying, running and whatever else you can dream up are simpler than ever. With these actions under your feet, your hands are more free to grab, draw, shoot, sculpt, and everything else hands do best. So no matter where you’re going or what you need to do – from surfing the internet to exploring new worlds to smoking the competition – 3dRudder gives you a more natural, immersive way to get there.


The 3dRudder represents the first in a new category of devices, one that will deepen the immersion experience and change gameplay for the better.

- Augie Maddox, founder of Guavaman Enterprises

It brings the feet into play, which will help immerse you in the game.

- Joe Svetlik, Red Bull

3dRudder is a unique new VR input device. It offers the ability to map locomotion inputs to your feet, freeing up your hands for other tasks.

- Kevin Carbotte, Tom’s Hardware


- Innovation Awards 2017
Gaming &
Computer Accessibility

- Innovation Awards 2016
Gaming Hardware &

- Laval Virtual Awards 2015
Start Up


- Wired


- Red Bull


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Move beyond VR

3dRudder allows you to work more productively by creating a natural and direct relationship between you and your work environment. Explore how 3dRudder can work for you below: