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Just rest your feet on the platform, tilt the 3DRudder forward and
you're moving forward in VR or in any 3D environment such as your favorite FPS game.

In less than 15 seconds you'll master all the movements:
forward/backward, strife right/left, rotate to the right/left, up/down.

You can combine them all together and in less than a minute
you're a pro at moving or flying in VR or in your favorite FPS game.

Your hands are free to do more. You have the edge.

3DRudder let's you play or work in VR or 3D environments while seated, for hours, without fatigue

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Use 3DRudder with your favorite games


You can move forward or backward; strife right or left; rotate to the right or to the left; move up or down; and combine all those movements together to easily execute complex figures.

The 3DRudder is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. In less than 15 seconds you master the 4 movements. In less than a minute you're already a pro. You're astonished that you can accomplish so much with your feet.

Because the 3DRudder has no mechanical parts and uses your body's natural balance, because you're seated, because it's based on an existing feet-brain scheme... you can play for hours, without fatigue.

Your PC will see 3DRudder as an HID joystick. Thus you'll be able to use it not only with your favorite VR headset but also with your existing PC games (as long as they let you change the input controller for movement).


Your hands are free to do more. You have the edge!

Use 3DRudder with Google Earth

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